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Training is a vital activity that businesses must include to ensure development and enhance company culture. Today’s world is rich in technology and innovations, enforcing businesses to remain up to date to survive in the market and to keep up with developments in standards and regulations. To increase your overall productivity, ensure to receive the proper training and support in professional development. Our leading professional training unit provides training and development in several domains and industries, tailored to meet the needs of your business. PTCS supports face-to-face, online, and hybrid training environments; the most important is to ensure training objectives are achieved the way you desire.

The PTCS Training Unit is devoted to providing exceptional and international training to students and employees across the region; we offer many IT, cybersecurity, AI and information security, and project management courses that will assist the new generation in reshaping the advancements in technology and business in this region. Additionally, we provide customised services to our clients by offering the proper training that suits their needs; we intend for organisations to trust PTCS in improving their IT and security infrastructure.


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