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In many companies, we witness the success of often less than half of the projects initiated. This is primarily attributed to poor project management and how decision-makers consider this combination of knowledge, skills and tools an unnecessary burden. Scientific findings, of course, indicate the opposite and highlight the importance of project management for an organisation and why it must be implemented to eliminate risk and increase efficiency. PTCS offers excellent project management services that encompass all phases of any project. Our team of international project management professionals can help you manage your projects, analyse and improve your internal project management processes and provide coaching for personal and professional empowerment and team development.

PTCS aims to comprehend and thus be accountable for its clients’ demands. Our strength is identifying a project’s requirements and devising them into one cohesive, adaptable strategy that delivers the project on schedule and within budget. Our team’s comprehensive project management, coordination and experience enable PTCS to have a detailed understanding of projects, and their opportunities or limitations. We also add a touch of our technological expertise to this domain, creating unique and sophisticated project management services.

In this domain, PTCS provides:

Project Management

Project Management Consultancy

Process Improvement/ Application


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