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WordPress Training Course

Learn to use WordPress to manage your website in this comprehensive, hands-on training class. You’ll learn to use and customize templates, add extensive functionality through the most-important Plug-ins, add and manage content in an organized way, and more.


Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for people who have the ability to work in a PC and/or Mac OS environment.




Installation of WordPress

  • Downloading of installation files Connection to server

  • Uploading and installing files


Logging on to the system

  • Dashboard: front page

  • Front page menu

  • Navigation bar

  • Hiding of navigation bar


Posts vs. pages

  • Posts

  • Pages


Categories & Tags

  • Adding categories to posts

  • Adding tags to posts


Media library

  • Viewing media library files

  • Adding file to media library

  • Editing file properties

  • Editing image

  • Deleting file from media library


Adding content to page

  • Adding new page

  • Adding new post

  • Adding content using visual editor Switching to text editor

  • Change of post format

  • Old post and page versions


Adding images and other media

  • Inserting, Editing or deleting images

  • Setting featured image

  • Inserting image gallery

  • Editing and deleting image gallery Inserting new audio and video

  • recordings Inserting video, audio or other types of files Inserting video,

  • audio or other types of files (embedding) Adding HTML links

  • Inserting, Editing & Deleting HTML link

  • Inserting links to media files


Editing existing content

  • Deleting content

  • Full-screen edit

  • Saving and publishing of content


Comments, notes

  • Replying to comment

  • Editing comments

  • Quick edit

  • Editing comments

  • Approving and rejecting comments

  • Flagging comments as spam


Website appearance (layout)

  • Templates

  • Preview and customization of templates Adding new templates

  • Customizing website



  • Widgets for images, audio, video and text Menu

  • Adding new menu

  • Editing item in existing menu

  • Adding item to menu

  • User links

  • Deleting item from menu

  • Menu location



  • Adding new plugin



  • Background

  • Editor



  • Adding new user

  • Deleting user

  • Editing Profile



  • Available tools

  • Click and publish

  • Categories and tags converter

  • Import & Export



  • General configuration

  • Publishing

  • Displaying

  • Comments

  • Media

  • Permalinks




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