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Website Development Training Course

Website development involves many technologies, thus it’s inherently a constantly changing landscape. Today’s in-demand technology may lose traction in a few years.



Planning a Web Project

  • Defining the Audience

  • Setting Goals

  • Creating a Scope Document

  • Preparing to Get Started

  • Selling the Idea

  • Holding a Kick-Off Meeting

  • Revising Your Original Plans: Using Feedback to Improve

  • Preparing to Redesign an Existing Site


Build a Web Team or Go It Alone

  • Flying Solo: Skills You Need to Go It Alone

  • Hiring Members of the Team

  • Handing Off a Project to a Client


Developing the Content

  • Knowing What to Put on Your Site

  • Keeping It Fresh: An Ongoing Process


Creating Relevant Site Content

  • Portraying Your Client’s Company

  • Selling Goods or Services

  • Providing Information

  • Using Personas to Develop Content


Conceptualizing Your Site

  • Deciding What Types of Pages You Need

  • Choosing the Right Delivery Method

  • Handling Printable Materials


Creating Effective Layouts

  • Content Is Key: Making Sure It’s All Included

  • Creating Order from Chaos: Consistency Is Your Friend

  • Including Things That Every Page Needs

  • Planning How to Emphasize Important Information

  • Understanding the Basics of Usable and Accessible Design

  • Creating a Layout Wire Frame


Organizing Your Content

  • Starting with the Skeleton: The Structure

  • Considering File Management

  • Keeping It Tidy

  • Implementing Information Architecture

  • Avoiding Content Problems


Ensuring Visual Appeal

  • Colors on the Web

  • Getting Familiar with Graphics File Formats

  • Using Fonts Effectively on Web Sites

  • Facelifting an Existing Site


Pulling Together Tools and Materials

  • Matching the Tools to Your Needs

  • Setting Up Your Web-Design Studio

  • Desperately Seeking Software


Making a Web Page with HTML

  • Basic Parts of an HTML Document

  • Starting Your HTML Document Right

  • Helpful Development Practices


Creating a Web Page Layout with HTML and CSS

  • How CSS Can Help Your Site

  • Ways of Working with CSS

  • Creating a CSS Document

  • Special Effects with CSS


Web Site Usability and Accessibility

  • Ensuring Your Site Is Easy to Use

  • Helping Users Access Your Site

  • Creating Accessible Web Pages


Publishing the Web Site

  • Look before You Leap: What to Do Before Launch

  • Going Live

  • What Next? The Launch Is Not the End of the Project


Adding Basic Interactivity with HTML Forms and JavaScript

  • Understanding Interactivity

  • Getting Ready to Code

  • Building an HTML Form

  • Adding Elements to Your Form

  • Event Handlers and JavaScript

  • Making Dynamic Pages with Server Side Technology



  • Creating a Mailing List Form

  • Creating the Database

  • Creating the PHP Code

  • Retrieving Information from a Database




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