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Web Hosting Training Course


Web Hosting is the name commonly given to the service which makes our websites available over the internet. Learn what is web hosting and discover just how easy it is to manage your own website.


Explaining Web Hosting in Real-World Terms

  • Conceptualizing Web Hosting

  • Thinking about Your Site as a Store

  • Avoiding Misconceptions and Missteps


Evaluating Web Hosting Technologies

  • Understanding the Terms

  • Choosing between Servers

  • All Hosts Are Not Equal

  • Not All Control Panels Are Created Equal


Using Hosted E-mail

  • Enhancing Your Brand with a Personalized E-mail Address

  • Creating E-mail Addresses

  • Reading and Writing E-mail

  • Reading Your E-mail in a Browser

  • Reading Your E-mail in a Mail Client

  • Reading Your E-mail on Your Mobile Device

  • Becoming Friends with Your Auto-Responder

  • Forwarding Mail

  • Using Mailing Lists without Being a Spammer

  • Using Server-Based Anti-Spam

  • Using a Remote Mail Service with Your Domain Name


Managing Files

  • Unleashing the Power of FTP

  • Creating New FTP Accounts

  • Managing Files through Your Control Panel

  • Performing Backups through FTP


Working with Databases

  • Understanding That Databases Are Information Storage Systems

  • Making Your Site Dynamic with Databases

  • Choosing a Database Technology

  • Creating a New Database

  • Managing Your Database

  • Backing Up Your Database

  • Restoring from a Backup


Protecting and Speeding Up Your Site by Understanding Logs

  • Reading Logs

  • Using Logs to Identify Speed Bumps on Your Site

  • Finding Your Logs

  • Spotting Security Breaches Using Your Log Files


Building Your Site Using Scripts

  • Making Life Easier with Scripts

  • Choosing the Right Script

  • Installing Your Chosen Script


Taking Command of Website Security

  • Accepting That Security Is Your Responsibility

  • Protecting Your Visitors with SSL Certificates

  • Protecting Your Site by Locking the SSH

  • Securing Uploads with SSH

  • Protecting Folders with Passwords

  • Securing Your PHP

  • Appreciating Your Security Guard — the .htaccess File

  • Doing Your Part in Avoiding Viruses


Decoding Domains and DNS

  • Understanding DNS

  • Manipulating Your Domain Name

  • Setting Up DNS Effortlessly


Configuring Advanced Functions in cPanel

  • Improving the User Experience with Error Pages

  • Automating Functions with cron Jobs

  • Installing FrontPage Extensions


Managing Your Control Panel from a Mobile Device

  • Navigating Using a Mobile Browser

  • Installing and Using Android Apps

  • Installing and Using iOS Apps


Troubleshooting and Resolving Issues

  • Recognizing Common E-mail Issues

  • Removing Yourself from a Blacklist

  • Fixing FTP Faults

  • Losing Your Control Panel Login

  • Finding DNS Problems


Moving to a New Host

  • Deciding Whether to Change Hosts

  • Getting Out of Your Contract

  • Knowing What You Need for a Painless Move

  • Scheduling Your Move

  • Making a Foolproof Check List


Making the Right Technology Choices

  • Weighing the Differences between Virtual Private

  • Selecting an Operating System

  • Choosing Your Control Panel

  • Deciding Whether to Use Managed Services


Keeping the Lid on Pandora’s Box with WebHost Manager

  • Creating a Hosting Package or Plan

  • Setting Up Your Accounts

  • Managing Users

  • Securing Your Server


Getting Down to the Command Line with Secure SHell

  • Installing an SSH Client on Your Computer

  • Connecting to Your Server

  • Using the Command Line

  • Inputting Some Basic Commands

  • Editing Files Using vi



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