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SketchUp Training Course

SketchUp course will cover the basics, from downloading the software to using commands like line, rectangle, group and offset. Even if you have played with the tools a bit, but still consider yourself a beginner, this course will be very helpful. It covers common frustrations, and some tips and tricks that will help you in your learning experience.


What Is SketchUp and How Do Interior Designers Use It?

  • What Is Sketch-Up?

  • Who Uses It?

  • What Is Sketch-Up Used For?

  • Traditional CAD Drawings and Models

  • How Sketch-Up Displays the Model

  • Types of Models

  • How Designers Use Sketch-Up

Getting Started

  • Hardware, Operating System, and Browser Requirements

  • The Video Card

  • The Space Navigator 3D Mouse

  • Use a Tablet PC

  • Download Sketch-Up Make

  • The Workspace

  • Run Multiple Sketch-Up Files at the Same Time

  • Save and BackUp


Exploring the Interface

  • Select or Change a Template

  • Add the Large Tool Set

  • The Select Tool

  • The Rectangle Tool

  • The Inference Engine

  • The Push/Pull Tool

  • Input Numbers

  • The Pan and Orbit Tools

  • Modifier Keys

  • The Escape Key

  • The Zoom Tool

  • The Views Toolbar

  • Select with Selection and Crossing Windows

  • Keyboard Selection

  • The Move Tool

  • Customize the Desktop

  • Make a Custom Template

  • The Help Function

  • Manage Dialog Boxes


Modeling Furniture, Cabinetry, and Accessories

  • Faces and Edges

  • The Eraser Tool and Erasing

  • The Pencil and Freehand Tools

  • The Move Tool

  • Stickiness

  • Groups

  • Causes of a Non-Filling Face

  • Color-Coordinate the Model’s Lines

  • Model a Table

  • Model a Bookcase

  • Model a Clock with Radial Array


Drafting, Modeling, and Furnishing a Floor Plan

  • Prepare a Raster File for Import

  • Draft a Plan by Tracing a Raster Image

  • Trace Interior Walls

  • Edge Styles Again

  • From Plan to Model

  • Flashing Planes

  • Draft a Plan from a Paper Sketch

  • Interior vs. Exterior Models

  • Single- vs. Double-Sided Walls

  • Create Plan and Elevation Views

  • Model a Building from an AutoCAD Plan

  • Interact with Revit

  • Model a Sloped Ceiling


Modeling a Two-Story House Interior

  • Model the Shell and First Floor

  • Model the Second Floor

  • Model the Living Room

  • Model a Cabinet

  • Model Crown Molding

  • Model a Stairs Guard

  • Edit a Downloaded Staircase

  • The Outliner


Painting with Colors, Textures, and Photo-Matching

  • What Is Painting?

  • Paint with Native Sketch-Up Materials

  • Paint with Textures

  • Paint the Stairs

  • Import Swatches from Other Models

  • Face Orientation on Painted Surfaces

  • Real-Life Design Scheme

  • Import a Texture & Image


Enhancing and Presenting the Model

  • Annotate the Model

  • Dimension a Floor Plan

  • Scenes

  • The Walk-Through Tools

  • What Are Dynamic Components?

  • Save vs. Export

  • Enhance with Other Software

  • Enhance with Hand-Rendering

  • Why Sketch-Up May Run Slow


Plugins and LayOut

  • What’s a Plugin?

  • Layout


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