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Photography Training Course

Photography has become a popular activity all over the world. Photography is all about a keen sense of style, passion, creativity and class. While there are many who want to proceed with professional photography as a career, there are others who are passionate about photography as a hobby. Whether you like photography as a hobby or a career, one thing is for sure that you need to learn the proper art of photography by a professional. Professional photography training courses will teach you about a variety of tricks and skills that are applicable in the field of photography.



Why photography?

  • How photography works

  • Picture structuring

  • The roles photographs play

  • Changing attitudes towards photography

  • Personal styles and approaches

  • Measuring success

Light: how images are formed?

  • Light itself

  • Wavelengths and colors

  • Shadows

  • When light reaches a surface

  • Light intensity and distance

  • Making light form images

Lenses: Controlling the image

  • Photographic lenses

  • Aperture and f-numbers

  • Depth of field

  • How depth of field works

  • Depth of focus Image stabilization

  • Lenses for digital cameras

  • Lens care

Using different focal length lenses – camera kits

  • Why change focal length?

  • Lens kits

  • Close-up equipment

  • Essentials and extras

  • Right for the job

Digital Cameras

  • How are digital images captured?

  • File formats

  • Digital cameras

Lighting: Principles & Equipment

  • Basic characteristics of lighting

  • Lighting equipment

  • Practical lighting problems

  • Special subjects

Organizing the Picture

  • Noticing subject features

  • Structuring pictures through the camera

  • Where photographs go

Films & Filters

  • Silver halide emulsions

  • Features common to all films

  • Choosing films for black and white

  • Films for color photography

  • Storing film – before and after exposure

  • So which film is ‘best’?

  • Filters – how they work

  • Filter kits

Exposure measurement

  • Factors that determine what exposure to give

  • Exposing different film types

  • Measuring exposure (continuous light)

  • Practical exposure tips

  • Measuring exposure for flash

  • Practical flash exposure tips

Digital Image Post-production

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Organizing your work

  • Saving your digital file

  • Basic editing

  • Advanced editing

Finishing & Presenting the work

  • The permanence of prints

  • Mounting methods and framing

  • Spotting

  • Getting your work noticed

  • Pictures on the World Wide Web

  • Building your own site

  • How to get connected


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