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Network Essentials Training Course

Networking Essentials course is intended for people who are getting started in computer networking and want to gain a solid understanding of a broad range of networking technologies. This training is ideal for would-be information technology professionals who want to pursue certifications in a variety of computer networking fields as well as those in a managerial role who want a firm grasp of networking technology concepts.



Part I: What Exactly Is Networking?

  • An Overview of Networking

  • The Benefits of Networking


Part II: The Basics

  • Getting Data from Here to There: How Networking Works

  • Computer Concepts

  • Network Concepts

  • Extending Your LAN: Wide Area Networks

  • Remote Networking


Part III: Building Networks

  • Network Criteria

  • Designing a Network

  • Selecting Network Hardware and Software

  • Assembling a Network

  • Network Applications

  • Connecting to the Internet


Part IV: Network Operating Systems and Providing Network-Wide Services

  • TCP/IP

  • Microsoft Networking

  • UNIX and Linux Networking

  • Common Network Services and How to Provide Them


Part V: Introduction to Network Administration

  • What Is a Network Administrator?

  • Security

  • Managing an Existing Network

  • Network Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

  • A Day in the Life of a Network Administrator


Part VI: The Future of Networking

  • Wireless Networking

  • Where Are Networks Going from Here?




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