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Microsoft Excel Financial Data 

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Financial data consists of pieces or sets of information related to the financial health of a business. The pieces of data are used by internal management to analyze business performance and determine whether tactics and strategies must be altered.



  • To name cells

  • To navigate workbooks using named ranges

  • To create named ranges based on cell values

  • To delete named cells/ranges

  • To AutoFormat a cell range

  • To remove the effects of AutoFormat

  • To create a custom number format

  • Using custom number formatting codes

  • To format a range of cells using conditional formatting

  • To use the Paste Special command

  • ‘Paste Special’ options

  • Transpose data



  • What is ‘worksheet protection’?

  • To protect a worksheet

  • To un-protect a worksheet

  • To protect cells

  • To unprotect cells



  • To freeze column titles

  • To freeze row titles

  • To freeze row and column titles at the same time

  • To unfreeze rows or columns

  • To hide worksheets

  • To re-display hidden worksheets

  • To create subtotals

  • To remove subtotals



  • To specify a password for opening a workbook

  • To specify a password for saving a workbook

  • To use the ‘read-only recommended’ option

  • To use the ‘Always create backup’ option

  • To protect a workbook

  • To un-protect a workbook

  • To remove a password from an Excel workbook



  • To link individual cells within a worksheet

  • To link charts to data within a worksheet

  • To link a cell range on one worksheet to another worksheet (in the same workbook)

  • To link charts between worksheets

  • To link data from one workbook to another

  • To link a chart from one workbook to another

  • Copying a chart from one workbook to another

  • To copy data to the Clipboard

  • To embed data (or a chart) from Excel into a Word document

  • To Paste Link selected Excel data / chart to a Word document

  • To consolidate data over several worksheets



  • What are templates?

  • To use a template

  • To create a template

  • To edit a template


Charts and Templates

  • To use the Chart Wizard to create a chart

  • To quickly create a chart using default settings

  • To change the angle of pie chart slices

  • To format the chart axis numbers

  • To format the chart axis scales

  • To format the chart axis text

  • To move a chart item

  • To resize a chart item

  • To re-position a chart title

  • To re-position a chart legend

  • To re-position a chart data label

  • To explode all the segments within a pie chart

  • To delete a data series in a chart

  • To add a data series to a chart

  • To modify the chart type for a defined data series



  • What is the ‘Insert Function’ utility?

  • Ways to access the Function Wizard

  • To use the Insert Function to enter a function

  • Using the mouse to enter information into the Function Wizard

  • To use the TODAY function



  • What are Pivot Tables?

  • To create a PivotTable

  • To drop data into the Pivot Table

  • To modify data and refresh the Pivot Table

  • To group data within a Pivot table



  • What is the ‘Scenario Manager’?

  • Scenario Manager – an example

  • To show a scenario

  • To view an alternative scenario

  • To create a scenario summary

  • Data analysis

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Solver



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