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Custom Application Development

There isn’t a perfect off-the-shelf solution that will meet your needs? No problem – developing custom applications is a large part of what we do.

Our custom application development can be applied to any platform – mobile, web, cross-platform, and enterprise-level – to help transform the way your business interacts with technology, while being mindful of security and accessibility throughout the entire process.


We solve problems for a living, and the solutions we develop are not only functional but visually-appealing.

We firmly believe design is part art, part science. It’s a blending of different schools of thought to create something to not just be enjoyed, but to solve problems in the most effective manner.

If you spend more time getting your content up and looking great than you do creating it, you’re not alone. Form and function have to co-exist, and Catalyst is the glue that brings them together.

We’re also well-versed in accessibility guidelines and developing multilingual public-facing applications to maximize engagement with your content.


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