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PTCS offers consultancy services to organizations to promote business expansion and revenue increase. This service ensures the holistic and cost-effective optimization of IT systems to guarantee tangible business results. We find it inspirational in assisting organizations achieve the best through the effective and smart use of technology. Our international team of enterprise architects, technology experts, and project managers can assist you towards smooth transitions and help recreate every business.

Information Security and Cyber Consultancy – Many organizations are threatened by deliberate and targeted attacks. PTCS works with the organization in order to design and implement an integrated cyber approach to maximize business performance with respect to security, confidentiality, and integrity. Despite further regulations towards cybersecurity, and a great amount invested to protect against crime, cyber incidents continue to rise. This can be associated with the enhanced sophistication of hackers and their financial endorsements. Organizations are required to tighten their security measures and turn to cybersecurity specialists to help protect themselves from the rising wave of cybercrime. PTCS uses in-depth research and AI to help businesses make the best decisions regarding technology transformations or the implementation of appropriate cybersecurity equipment. PTCS consultancy service is comprised of qualified and intelligent cyber security specialists that work hard to provide effective and appropriate strategies that enhance the organization’s IT and cybersecurity infrastructure. It is imperative for businesses to understand the threats they stand against and the effects that such crime would cause if successful.

Financial Consultancy – The financial division of each business always holds the highest responsibility and heavy burden to ensure the success of the business by providing financial planning and analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, as well as proposing strategic paths. Amid increasing market disruptions, risks and volatile customer behaviour changes, the finance team face challenges in structuring costs to drive a distinctive competitive strategy while managing costs relative to external standards and pressure forged by investors. The financial consultancy provided by PTCS is endorsed by its international competent team who worked in diverse fields and have built decades of experience as financial consultants, analysts, and advisors. The combination of knowledge, experience and technology allows us to predict outcomes with confidence, providing finance executives and risk managers the foundation to swiftly evaluate opportunities and push forward the right changes across your company.

Project Management Consultancy – Our team’s comprehensive project management, coordination and experience enable PTCS to have a detailed understanding of projects, and their opportunities or limitations. We also add a touch of our technological expertise to this domain, creating unique and sophisticated project management services.


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