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Cloud Computing Training Course

Cloud computing training helps you acquire the right skills for deployment and beyond — for ongoing business benefits. Choose from our extensive list of computing courses to learn cloud computing essentials for your role. Gain skills in cloud security management and other cloud and virtualization topics to help you no matter where you are in cloud adoption.





  • Grasping the Fundamentals

  • Discovering the Value of the Cloud for Business

  • Getting Inside the Cloud

  • Developing Your Cloud Strategy


Understanding the Nature of the Cloud

  • Seeing the Advantages of the Highly Scaled Data Center

  • Exploring the Technical Foundation for Scaling Computer Systems

  • Checking the Cloud’s Workload Strategy

  • Managing Data

  • Discovering Private and Hybrid Clouds


Examining the Cloud Elements

  • Seeing Infrastructure as a Service

  • Exploring Platform as a Service

  • Using Software as a Service

  • Understanding Massively Scaled Applications & Business Processes

  • Setting Some Standards


Managing the Cloud

  • Managing and Securing Cloud Services

  • Governing the Cloud

  • Virtualization and the Cloud

  • Managing Desktops and Devices in the Cloud

  • Service Oriented Architecture and the Cloud

  • Managing the Cloud Environment


Planning for the Cloud

  • Banking on Cloud Economics

  • Starting Your Journey to the Cloud




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