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Adobe InDesign Training Course

Adobe InDesign works fundamentally to create the layout using text and many other linked files. These files are referenced during the design process and InDesign will use the original files when eventually outputting to a printer or pdf file.


Thus, it is important to maintain control over the original files through out the layout process. Basically, one needs to keep all used images and documents in one folder.

The power of this system is that layout can occur simultaneously with image manipulation.



Viewing guides

  • Adding text

  • Working with styles

  • Working with graphics

  • Working with objects

  • Working with object styles

  • Exploring on your own


Setting Up

  • Working with master pages

  • Applying master pages to document pages

  • Adding new document pages

  • Rearranging and deleting document pages

  • Changing the size of pages

  • Custom Design pages

  • Sections, placing text and Graphics

  • Overriding master page


Editing Text

  • Finding and changing a missing font

  • Entering and importing text

  • Finding and changing text and formatting

  • Editing text by dragging and dropping

  • Using the Story Editor

  • Tracking changes & Checking spelling


Working with Objects

  • Creating and modifying text frames

  • Creating and modifying graphics frames

  • Adding metadata captions to graphics frames

  • Placing and linking graphics frames

  • Changing the shape of a frame

  • Wrapping text around a graphic

  • Modifying the shape of frames

  • Transforming and aligning objects

  • Selecting and modifying grouped objects

  • Finishing up


Flowing Text

  • Flowing text into an existing frame

  • Flowing text manually

  • Creating text frames while flowing text

  • Flowing text automatically

  • Creating threaded frames automatically

  • Resizing text frames automatically

  • Adding a jump line page number


Working with Typography

  • Adjusting vertical spacing

  • Changing fonts and type styles

  • Fine-tuning columns

  • Changing paragraph alignment

  • Creating a drop cap

  • Adjusting letter and word spacing

  • Setting tabs

  • Adding a rule above a paragraph


Working with Color

  • Managing color

  • Specifying color settings in InDesign

  • Displaying images at full resolution

  • Proofing colors onscreen

  • Defining printing requirements

  • Creating and applying colors

  • Working with gradients

  • Creating a tint & Creating a spot color

  • Applying colors to text and objects

  • Using advanced gradient techniques


Working with Styles

  • Creating and applying paragraph styles

  • Creating and applying character styles

  • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles

  • Creating and applying object styles

  • Creating and applying table and cell styles

  • Globally updating styles

  • Loading styles from another document


Importing and Modifying Graphics

  • Adding graphics from other programs

  • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics

  • Managing links to imported files

  • Updating revised graphics

  • Adjusting display quality

  • Working with clipping paths

  • Working with alpha channels


Creating Tables

  • Converting text to a table

  • Formatting a table

  • Creating a header row

  • Adding graphics to table cells


Printing & Exporting

  • Pre-flighting & Packaging files

  • Laser or Inkjet Proof

  • Using the Ink Manager


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